swing-sand-sunsetFuel for the modern mom.

Eat well. Be joyfuel.

My three babies are the reason I get out of bed. They make me laugh. And yes, they make me cry. I’m not a supermom and won’t pretend to be. It’s hard. Being a parent is humbling.

Humility aside, my kids inspire me to write about food and its power to heal. My heart aches to nourish the next generation. I want kids to learn where their food really comes from and how food impacts their overall health.

As for my childhood, I was raised on the standard Hot Pocket diet. I don’t blame my parents for the lack of nutrition. They did the best they could. They fed us our fruits and veggies, but most meals were doused in transfats and corn syrup.

I aim to do different. My deepest desire is to nourish kids from the inside out. I’m a realist so I know change won’t come over night. I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon and eat the pizza I vowed not to eat. But the end goal here is not to complicate life by adding more restrictions. The end goal is to see food different. My mission is to ditch diets, ditch the idea of restrictions, and ultimately find a way to be hunger-free.

And always remain joyfuel along the way!!


Your Two Cents in the Grit Storehouse.

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