My obsession with food is unreal.

I’m always on the hunt for food.

For me, food is social. Food is meant to be shared. In the olden days, when you ate a good meal, you would describe your experience by phone or in person. Nowadays people express their love of food online, in their own corner of the webosphere.

I desire to do the same. My motivation for posting recipes online is to share my culinary weaknesses and to learn a little more about yours. Not that you, or the internet, need to know my eating habits. But I do need a place to unload my shoebox recipes. Yes, I still handwrite recipes on index cards.

This isn’t an attempt to become infamous for my bacon filled life. It’s more of an outlet, a storage space for my hazardous stack of worthy recipes. I hope you’ll join me in the kitchen.

We eat good around here!


Your Two Cents in the Grit Storehouse.

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