This Is Why I Cut My Hair Once a Year

I was going to write about Comment Likes, and whether bloggers are for or against this WordPress trend. Instead, I decided to write about my recent haircut while snacking on Reese’s peanut butter cups.

The other day, I had my “once a year” haircut.

I’ve been going to Deena for two years now and was looking forward to getting pampered. Prior to meeting her, I was a stylist hopper.

I never stayed with the same stylist for more than six months.

But me and Deena, we’ve shared many firsts together.

Blonde highlights, brown lowlights, and of course, the popular ombre. We also had the pleasure of overlapping pregnancies together. Guess you could say we’ve formed a bond.

This last visit was different. For some reason, I felt nervous.

This is what I wanted.
This is what I wanted.

I asked her to clean up my layers. Nothing choppy or short. She knows I don’t do short. She’s a good listener and I usually feel safe in her hands.

Before Deena started cutting my hair, she asked:

“Would you like some Malbec?”

“I think you know the answer to that.”

“I sure do,” she smiled.

Deena returned with two glasses. Things started to take a turn.

She finished the blow dry, then began dry cutting my bangs. I didn’t stop her. I let Deena work her magic. When she put down the scissors, I took a quick look in the mirror, hopped out of the chair, hugged my buddy goodbye and headed home.

Everything seemed cool.

Until I realized my bangs were short. And crooked. Doesn’t look so bad at first glance. Come closer . . . See that? My bangs (right side) are three inches longer than the left side.

My bangs (right side) are 3 inches longer than the left side.
This is what I got.

Yeah, I thought it was funny, too. But only after the initial shock wore off. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder why things had gone awry.

Did Deena cut my hair this way because I was the last client of the day and we both drank more wine than we should’ve? Maybe. Did she do it on purpose? No. I refused to believe that she did it on purpose. Deena was too nice. Too caring.

How I miss my same length bangs.

In an odd way, I feel that my hair represents me. It’s an extension of who I am. Free-spirited. Flexible. Operating in shades of grey, never in black and white. The tangles, the frizz, the spit up, the throw up. Sweat. Tears. My hair catches the best and the worst of me.

I’ll have a good hair day again. It will just take 358 days to get there.

Have you experienced a BAD haircut? How often do you cut your hair?


61 thoughts on “This Is Why I Cut My Hair Once a Year

  1. I love your hair! I bet she’d fix the bangs for ya for free! Too funny. I guess the no wine idea is better. Unless of course, you turn down the wine but she pours herself a glass anyway. Lol.
    You are such a great writer, I kinda felt that I got to be at that salon with you guys!

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    1. Hi Diane, so good to see you! I miss ya. Hope your book writing is going well.
      And, yes, she would absolutely fix my bangs for free. I would need to muster up the courage to ask. I don’t want her to feel insulted.
      I may try to even them out myself. My hair is a mess half the time anyway!


  2. I always tell myself this is the year I will go more regularly to the salon. I promise myself I will make the effort to go every 6 weeks. Instead I go every six months. I’ve had better haircuts than others, but none that were flat our terrible. Even if they were, it wouldn’t last long. I have a chia pet for a head. Add water and poof its grown two inches thicker and/or longer.

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    1. Okay, I’m a little jealous. I would give anything to have thick lustrous hair. The only time I experienced the “chia pet” effect was when I was pregnant. Those pre-natal vitamins did wonders for my skin and hair.

      Thanks for stopping by, Allie!!


  3. When I was 15, my hair started turning brown… I was a natural blond up until this awful point.

    Needless to say, I was very upset by this invasion of pubescent hormones, so my mom did an at-home dye job.

    Turned my hair pink… I did not go to school the next day… she is a kind, understanding woman!!

    So from 15-22 years-old I was rocking the Britney Spears bleach blond/dark roots look… classic!!

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    1. Well, sounds like you were a trailblazer, Sarah!! The bleach blond/dark roots made a HUGE comeback, at least in my part of the world. Women pay beaucoup bucks to have tresses like Britney Spears.

      I like your brown hair. It frames your face beautifully. I’d take brown roots over grey any day!


      1. You know what’s funny about brown hair? Is that I was born with naturally dark hair. And, of course, I wanted the opposite–light golden honey hair.
        To this day, my husband begs me to go back to a rich chocolate brown. He LOVES brunettes. But, I just can’t get myself to go THAT dark.


      2. No but I’m not naturally dark headed… mines more of a mouse brown.

        But my sister-in-law has natural dark dark hair and she is getting greys… maybe it’s a curse for dark headed ladies!

        I hope to some day be the beautiful, wise looking lady with long soft grey hair!!


  4. I get my hair cut every 2-3 months…I love having long hair but it takes forever to dry in the winter 😦 I’ve had BAD hair cuts before and I try to think about them. I’ve managed to find an awesome hair stylist who knows exactly what I want and able to do what I want even when I can’t explain myself to her!


  5. I have rarely had a good haircut, so I, too, stylist hop. There is one fantastic lady in Eugene who does it right every time, but everyone else? Miss, miss, miss! I would say I am leaning toward keeping my long hair for this reason: If they mess it up, at least I can ponytail it!

    (You still look great to me, but I know that is not what this is about.)

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    1. Oh, jeez! You’d think that living in Los Angeles you’d have a GRIP of amazing stylists at your disposal. Not so. Instead, the only gem you found is in Oregon. A little too far, right? Unless you’re planning a trip to visit family.
      I was giggling when I read about your “ponytail” remedy. You really can’t go wrong with pulled back hair. As of late, I’ve been sporting a bun. My hair is out of sight, out of mind. It’s awesome!


  6. I’m a male, so different category perhaps, but in my short adult life I’ve found the price of haircuts triple. Also a lot of the more basic barbers and family friendly hairdressers have been run out of business through “redevelopment” so I starting doing what I thought was unthinkable… and started cutting it myself. Got away with it for years now. Very therapeutic. So I’m always at it; trimming a bit here and there. All by feel and not by mirror. I only wish I knew this sooner as I always hated getting my hair cut.

    As for WordPress comment likes I think they’re pretty irrelevant. They’re trying to turn themselves into something more popular. Yahoo mail tries to turn itself into the new Facebook, and failed. As for Google+, the same thing but that’s still going I gather.


    1. Wow! You’re brave FM. It seems like you’ve discovered a system that works. The best part is that your saving money. Most men, my husband included, get their hair trimmed every 3-4 weeks. These visits to the salon can add up over the course of one year.

      As for “comment likes,” I’m not done exploring this idea. I gotta say that I fall somewhere in the middle. Although, all the “liking” and “clicking of likes” can send me spinning sometimes.


  7. UGH! I hate a bad haircut and yes I’ve had my fair share because I have curly hair and it’s so hard to find someone who “gets it.” You look beautiful with uneven bangs my friend. Don’t sweat it…just grab a glass of wine whenever it starts to bug you, and they’ll have grown out before you realize it/sober up. 😉

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    1. Trust me, Leah, I’ve sobered up! And I don’t think I’ll ever book an appointment at 6:00pm on a Friday night again. This salon is a small mom & pop shop. Each stylist rents their own station. It’s SO laid back–that’s why I love it!!
      I think next time, I’ll go on Monday morning and ask for a shot of coffee. STRONG.


    1. You’re awesome! I wish my hair grew that fast. The only time my hair grows like crazy is when I’m pregnant. And I don’t think I’ll be making room for baby #4. Time to close the baby factory down!


  8. I am so feeling your pain. When I decided to get rid of the grey in my parting I went to a top salon and explained that although my hair looked black it was in fact very very dark brown. The colour expert looked at me like I was some kind of control freak and proceeded to work her magic. Needless to say she died my hair black, draining all colour from my face and forcing me to either a) wear full makeup or b) resemble a corpse. I didn’t leave the house for a month (despite having a newborn). You look great by the way. But if it bugs you buy extensions. That’s what I resorted to in the end.

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    1. That’s awful!! The worst part is that you probably shelled out lots of cash for this posh salon. And, trust me, I know a thing or two about a bad dye job.
      I made the grave mistake of applying an at-home color when I was about 22 years old. The color I wanted was a chestnut brown, what I got was charcoal black. Yeah, I pretty much resembled a corpse.

      So glad you stopped by. I feel such a strong kinship with you, Nnena!!


  9. I like to get my hair cut about every 4 to 6 weeks but sometimes I just don’t have the time. I wear my hair SHORT. So when it gets too long…it is very obvious. And bad haircuts? Yes. Been cut so short I had to wait MONTHS for it to get long enough to reach the last hair cut length. Then another month before it needed cut. Fortunately I’m not too stressed by bad hair cuts. Mine grows fast. On some bad hair cuts not quite fast enough. 😉


    1. You’re lucky that your hair grows fast, Colleen. Some days I think shorter tresses would be easier to maintain. Not sure what the point is of keeping my long locks. It’s in a ponytail or bun more than 80% of the time. My baby boy loves tugging on it!


  10. I would have taken the wine, too! I probably only get my hair cut once a year. The color is what I worry about most. I bet she’d fix it for you, and it will be okay, The good thing about hair, it grows. All I see in these pictures is a beautiful woman. 🙂

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    1. To be honest, I worry about my color more, too. I started getting grey strands in my twenties. Apparently, it’s hereditary. Lucky me. Not so lucky–my daughter.
      And thanks for that, Amy! You’d be surprised what a good “filter” on my iphone can do–works like magic.


  11. Oh, I’ve had BAD haircuts. Bad, bad, bad. Like, if you crossed Miley with crazy-pants Britney. The worst was after my first daughter was born and I was in the thick of postpartum shedding. I, too, hopped from stylist to stylist and on this particular occasion settled on some weird walk-in place at the mall that at least looked legit. I left with hair that was 6 inches shorter and was completely jacked up along the neckline. There was no fixing it and I just had to wait until it all grew out. I didn’t cut my hair for nearly 2 years after. Now I go through cycles and typically go shorter in the fall and grow it out until summer.


    1. Liz, what a terrible experience!! How can one stylist get it so WRONG? That must have been upsetting especially since you’d just given birth. The last thing you needed was to feel uncomfortable with your hair.
      Fast forward to present, whomever you’re seeing now, keep him/her. Your current haircut is AWESOME!!


  12. Oh, you look gorgeous anyway! And nobody will notice. But I know how these things (that are so small in the scheme of things) can bother us. I have not gotten a bad haircut, but horrible highlights. Platinum blonde. I looked like going on 100 years. That’s when I found my current hairdresser…4 years ago. I have fairly long hair now as well…and trim it every 3 months or so. So far so good.


    1. Tiny, these things are definitely insignificant. After all, it’s only hair. Nothing life threatening, thank God.
      As for horrible highlights, I’ve been there. Mine weren’t platinum, they were a bright yellow. Like the color of a legal pad. I also found that too many highlights around the face can be aging. It’s reminiscent of poor fluorescent lighting.


  13. I had the worst haircut of my life when I was 35 weeks pregnant this year. I asked for three inches all over and she cut over a foot of hair. I was devastated. It’s still about six inches shorter than I’d like it to be, but hair grows back. And I bet you could go back and she’d fix it. You still look amazing and we would have never noticed otherwise!

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    1. I usually like to get a trim around the 35-week mark, too. But for some reason I didn’t get one with this last pregnancy. My hair was so scraggly looking.
      Well, like everything else you tackle in life, you always manage to have a GREAT attitude. I’m sure you still found a way to rock shorter tresses mama!


      1. I don’t know about “great attitude”, because if it didn’t grow back, I may have tackled the hair ” stylist” right there. But, like everything else in life, it passed. So, I have to know, did you ask your stylist to do the fix?


      2. No, I haven’t called her yet. I was going to try to pop in this weekend, but my Saturdays are shot. We spend the entire day on the soccer field. I may just trim them myself. I’ve layered my bangs out of desperation before. Wish me luck!!


  14. I’ve never had my hair cut by someone drinking wine before. But I’ve certainly had my share of bad haircuts. Just over a year ago, my hair dresser “talked” me into going a bit shorter and ended up cutting the back super short (up to my ears length!) and leaving the front long. So it was this blunt cut. I hated it so much and it took me over a year to get it back to normal again.

    Also, I won a “makeover” years ago and she put in chunks of fire engine red streaks after telling me they’d “blend in”. I actually went to my normal hair salon and paid 100 bucks for them to fix it back to dark brown.

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    1. Oh Darla, around these parts, coffee and wine are the norm at salons. I think salon owners ‘get’ what tired women need. But in fairness to Deena*, she didn’t drink that much wine. It was late and she was probably more tired than anything. Also, she was “DRY CUTTING” my bangs–I will never let anyone try this technique on me again!

      Fire engine red streaks scream ATTENTION. Just like red lip color. My daughter loves putting red lipstick on me when she gives me makeovers. It makes me cringe.


    1. Barbara, I can only imagine how precise a stylist has to be with your long locks. And, if the title of your post is any indication, I’m guessing you will TRAVEL for quality work. I’d even consider driving 60 miles for excellent artistry.
      Hope you and your beautiful babies are doing well!


  15. After a decade of having straight, long hair, I finally had my stylist cut off 5 inches and add some layers. I like the layers, but I’m still mourning the lost inches. Luckily it grows back. We’ve never had wine while she worked though. After hearing your story, I think I’ll keep it that way. 😉

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    1. The wine was a first for us. My stylist and I are pretty close so lines often get blurred. I just didn’t think it’d result in uneven bangs.
      I ended up straightening them out myself. Plus, my hair is pulled back in a ponytail for the majority of the day. Easy way to camouflage the flaws!!


  16. Well you cut yours more than I do! I get this ridiculous bug to cut it short (which to me means shoulders) about once every three years. After that cut, I HATE it and spend the next three years growing it out! After the last cut last October (which I don’t talk about…..I went to my chin. Yuck!) I took a pic I save so that I will NEVER do that again!

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    1. Wow wee kazowie!! You actually do wait longer than I do–3 years is remarkable. You’ve got serious discipline girlie!!
      The only time I cut my hair that short was in 6th grade. Of course, it wasn’t my choice, it was my mom’s. Glad I’m a grown up now!!


    1. Your hair is beautiful, Lora! That cute Minion picture showcases your luscious pregnancy locks. Your hair seems full and thick. Love the subtle highlights, too!!


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